Rules of Using the Market Service

Rules of Using the Market Service
I. General Provisions
The Market section of is a service for safe purchasing and selling of programs written in the MQL5/MQL4 language, hereinafter referred to as Products.
The “Market” service is available for use only to registered Users aged 18 and older, who accepted and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Market Terms of Use Agreement.
Products can be sold via the “Market” service only by Users approved as Sellers who accepted and agreed to be bound by the Market Developer Distribution Agreement.
To get the “Seller” status, a User needs to complete a separate registration procedure in the Market service.
The Seller agrees that after registration his or her name will be publicly available to all Users. Multiple and/or anonymous registrations with the “Seller” status are not permitted.
All financial transactions related to the sale and purchase of Products through the Market service are conducted via an internal Payment system of the site, hereinafter referred to as the Payment System.
Products can be purchased in the Market only using MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 Client Terminals. This requires having enough money on a User’s account in the Payment System.
The Administration has the right to remove any Product from the Market service without any explanation.
The Administration of the Market service does not guarantee the profitability of Expert Advisors (EAs, trading robots), as well as the correctness of calculations in custom technical indicators purchased through the Market service.
The Administration of the Market service provides only a formal test of the Product, checking its conformity with the functionality stated by the Seller.

II. Sellers
The Administration checks the Seller’s identity documents. Usually 10 working days are given for checking a User’s application to register as a Seller, however the check can be completed sooner.
In case discrepancies or errors are detected during the check, an application is rejected by the Administration with a reason for rejection specified. A new check of a corrected application is performed according to regular conditions stipulated in paragraph II.1.
To confirm their identity, users need to provide a photograph of one of the following documents:
passport (double-page spread);
ID card or identity certificate (front side);
driver’s license (front side).
Document photographs should meet the following requirements:
photographs should be in color;
photographs should be uncut — all edges of a document should be visible;
a document should occupy more than 50% of the photograph area;
a photograph should be clear; a text should be legible and easy to read;
editing photographs using image-processing applications is not allowed.
The Administration may refuse to register a user as a Seller without any explanation.
The Administration may at any time cancel the “Seller” status of a User without any explanation.
When registering as a Seller, all information should be submitted in English.
After registration, the Seller’s name is publicly available in the Seller’s Profile.
Administration agrees not to disclose the Seller’s additional personal information to any third party, except at the request of the relevant state bodies authorized to receive such information.
The Seller shall provide true personal information during registration.
The Seller has the right to distribute products at no cost (free of charge) through the Market Service.
The Seller shall endeavor to provide all necessary information about the Product for its proper operation.
The Seller shall fix all critical errors detected in the Product, which result in the early termination of the Product operation.
In case the developers of the MetaTrader platform make changes in the MQL5/MQL4 language, the Seller shall make appropriate modifications in the Product to maintain its stated functionality.
The Seller has no right to demand a fee for the fulfillment of the terms specified in paragraphs II.12, II.13 and II.14 of these Rules.
The Seller shall not use spam to promote Products on the Market both on website and via third-party services. Upon detection of spam, the Seller’s account will be blocked and all his or her Products will be removed from the Market.
The Seller may remove his or her Product from the Market showcase to fix any detected errors or stop publishing any further products on the Market altogether. All Buyers of a removed Product can still download and install it in their MetaTrader platforms within the available number of activations.

III. Buyers
Any user who has enough money in the Payment System can become the Buyer.
The Buyer has no right to resell the purchased Product either through the Market service or in any other way.
Purchasing a Product does not mean buying rights to it. The Product is transferred to the Buyer for personal use only.
Only the following Users can leave the Product reviews in a designated section of the Market service:
The Users who have purchased the product;
The Users who have downloaded a full version of the Product distributed at no cost.
If complaints about the purchased Product arise, the Buyer should contact the Seller first to clarify the issue.
The Buyer has the right to require correction of a critical error detected in the Product, resulting in the early termination of the Product operation. If the Product does not meet the stated functionality, the Buyer has the right to require the Seller to make appropriate modifications in the Product.
The Buyer shall provide the Seller all information necessary for reproducing and fixing errors described in paragraph III.5 and III.6. of these Rules. Claims of general type, such as “It does not work”, “The program is not working properly,” etc., shall not be considered.
The Buyer has the right to use the Product in accordance with the specified limited number of its installations.
The Buyer has no right to decompile the Product or apply to third parties for the Product decompilation. Attempts to decompile, regardless of the result, will be considered violations of the Rules of the Product use.
Products that are distributed at no charge (free) can be obtained by any User, regardless of the availability of money on the User’s account in the Payment System. Products that are distributed free of charge can only be obtained through the MetaTrader Client Terminal.
The Buyer has the right to receive free Product upgrades.
A Product removed from the Market showcase does not affect the Buyer’s ability to use paid and rented Products — all Buyers can still download and install a removed Product in their MetaTrader platforms within the available number of activations. The Administration may remove any Product from the Market showcase without notifying the Buyers for an unlimited period of time due to working processes and interaction with the Product Seller.

IV. Products
The Product offered through the Market service can be provided only as a compiled file with the EX5/EX4 extension.
Products must not contain calls to any DLL, including Microsoft Windows system libraries.
The Product must not:
guarantee, promise or hint at profits through the Product name, logo, screenshots or description;
contain words and expressions in superlative degree relating to Product features or the underlying concept;
present trading strategy backtest results as real trading results, whether expressly or implicitly;
contain links to external resources to be used as a description;
contain flashy/immodest titles of description sections or Product names;
use images of money or valuables in any form;
use any pictures of non-aesthetic nature as a Product icon or screenshots.
The Product shall be described in a calm manner using simple clear sentences without slang and abbreviations.
The Seller shall not sell or distribute any harmful products through the Market service.
The Seller shall not integrate and apply any third-party sales, accounting, license control and update management systems (including the ones using WebRequest features) in Products.
The Seller shall not collect users’ personal data by means of Products or implement additional custom limitations on the functionality of MQL4/MQL5 applications.
The Seller shall not publish multiple copies of Products, which are based on the same idea and differ only in input parameter settings, symbols, and/or timeframes. Creation of similar Products having slightly changed descriptions and/or design shall be considered as spam and lead to the removal of all detected copies from the Market showcase, while the Seller shall be banned from all paid services.
The Seller can distribute Products through the Market service at no cost (free of charge).
The minimum price of a paid Product that can be offered through the Market service is $30.
Products purchased through the Market service can not be returned.
For each Buyer, a secure version of the Product is automatically created, which allows using it only on the equipment (computer hardware and operating system), from which a purchase request was sent.
Purchased Product is bound to specific devices and specific copy of an operating system. Thus, the protection does not allow to launch a Product, even if a hardware was substituted to the exactly the same one or if an operating system of the same type was reinstalled.
The purchase of the Product is registered in the Buyer’s account.
The fact of creation of a secure version of the Product for the Buyer’s equipment configuration is called Activation.
The number of free Product Activations available to the Buyer on another PC after purchasing the Product is defined by the Seller. The minimum number of such Activations is 4.
The Buyer purchases the right to activate a Product as many times as specified by the Seller at the moment of purchasing or renting this Product. For example, if a Product allows 20 activations at the moment of its purchase, the Buyers can install it on 20 different hardware + OS configurations even if the Seller will decrease this number afterwards.
All input parameters names, output messages and screenshots in the product description must be in English.
The Administration may remove a Product from the Market showcase for an additional check or in case the Seller does not respond to the Administration’s requests. All Buyers of a removed Product can still download and install it in their MetaTrader platforms within the available number of activations.

V. Product Testing
Products offered through the Market service are subject to automatic pre-testing. The necessary requirements are described in the articles “The checks a trading robot must pass before publication in the Market” and “Tips for an effective product presentation on the Market”.
Products that passed the test are published automatically. If necessary, the Seller may hide their published Product from the Market showcase to fix detected errors. The new version of the Product is published only after passing the test.
In case an error is detected during a test, a Product version corrected by a developer is tested according to regular conditions stipulated in paragraphs V.1 and V.2 of these Rules.
The Administration has the right to subject the Product to any further inspections and tests that are not specified here.
All comments on the Product on behalf of the Administration are added in the section of editor comments to the Product.
Products must not contain deliberate operation restrictions or change their functionality depending on the type of account, account number, name of a trading server and other similar conditions under which they are used.
Indicators and Expert Advisors offered through the Market service are specially compiled for the purpose of creating their demo versions, which allows potential Buyers to get an idea about the Product. Demo versions of Product have the following limitations:
A demo version of an Expert Advisor cannot be run on an online chart of the client terminal. Its trading part can be tested only in the Strategy Tester that is built into the client terminal;
A demo version of an indicator cannot be run and seen on an online chart. Its behavior can only be seen in the Visual testing mode in the Strategy Tester.
The Administration shall test scripts in accordance with the functionality stated in their description.
Expert Advisors and indicators undergo automatic test in the Strategy Tester on the historical price data. The Product is formally checked for known programming errors. Passing the test successfully does not mean that the results stated in the Product description will be obtained in the future. Neither test results, nor Product description provided by the Seller guarantee profit or error-free Product operation.

VI. Liability of the Parties
Neither the Seller nor the Administration shall be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from the operation of Products purchased through the Market service.
Neither the Seller nor the Administration shall be liable for loss of profits in connection with the use of the Product received through the Market service.
The Administration shall not be responsible for Buyer’s breach of paragraph III.3.

VII. Payment Terms
Both the Seller and the Buyer must have an account with the Payment System.
An account in the Payment System is created automatically during registration on
Money can be deposited to the internal Payment System via Alipay, UnionPay, PayPal, ePayments and bank cards. Earned money can only be withdrawn via PayPal, ePayments and bank cards.
When a Product is sold and the appropriate payment is added to the Sellers account, the 20% commission fee from the payment is charged automatically.
The payment for a Product transferred to the account of the Seller shall be frozen for a week for approval. If no payment violations are revealed during the approval period, the amount transferred by the Buyer is automatically unlocked within the specified period of time and can be withdrawn from the Seller’s account.
In case of any fraudulent activities and/or misleading Product description, the Seller’s account will be blocked and funds received from the Product sales will be returned to the buyers.

VIII. Dispute Resolution
In case disputes arise that cannot be resolved directly between the Buyer and the Seller, either party may apply to the administration of the through Service Desk in the User profile.

IX. Termination of Service without Prior Notice in Case of Serious Violations of Terms of Use
According to the provisions of Market Terms of Use Agreement, NeraSignal Ltd. reserves the right to permanently terminate the service and the Agreement without prior notice, resulting in immediate and permanent account block in case your actions seriously violate the Rules, according to NeraSignal Ltd.

Below are the examples of serious Market Terms of Use Agreement violations:

Any actions that threaten the operation of the service for other users.
Interception, imitation or redirection of the communication protocols used as a part of web site services regardless of the method of performing the above actions.
Working with Market service via a third party modified interface provided neither by NeraSignal Ltd. on web site nor by NeraSignal in its software.
Development or use of means for fraud, modifiers, hacking tools, as well as any other third party software to modify Market service operation.
The use of any third party software that intercepts, collects or otherwise gathers information included in Market service or transmitted through it.
Using third-party accounts.
Performing attacks on any of NeraSignal Ltd. or NeraSignal servers, participation in such attacks or engaging in them, as well as other attempts to hinder the servers operation.
Copying, selling, licensing, distribution, transmission, modifying, adaptation, translation, development of derivative products, decompilation, reverse engineering, disassembling or other actions directed to deriving source codes of the Products distributed via Market service, unless otherwise permitted.
Taking any action to circumvent or defeat the security or content usage rules provided, deployed or enforced by any functionality (including without limitation digital rights management or forward-lock functionality) in Products.
Using Products to access, copy, transfer, transcode or retransmit content in violation of any law or third party rights.
Removal, obscuring or altering copyright notices, trademarks, or other proprietary rights notices of NeraSignal Ltd., NeraSignal or any third party, affixed to or contained within Products.
Reproduction, copying, selling, exchange and reselling Market content, unless otherwise permitted by a separate agreement with NeraSignal Ltd.
Any form of advertisement in the Market of third party services not related to
Using spam to promote Products in the Market.