NeraSignal Copy Forex Trades Platform

Copy Forex Signal Platform

Dear Traders and Investors,

Today we would like to introduce you our NeraSignal’s Platform: Signal service market and Expert Advisors Market (EA Market is coming soon)

You can be a seller to sell your signals or you can be an investor to find the best traders to trade for you

To register an account, check out our platform here:

We provider 2 ex4 file to copy trade on MT4 (Metatrader 4, mql4)

  1. NERA_SIGNAL_PROVIDER.ex4 to sell your signal, download here
  2. NERA_SIGNAL_SUBSCRIBER.ex4 to copy forex signal, download here

Firstly, Open your MT4 running on VPS. Click Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors, Check on line Allow WebRequest for listed URL and add this URL:

Secondly, please copy our ex4 files above into your MT4: MT4 -> File -> Open Data Folder -> open MQL4 -> open Experts folder
Then in Navigator MT4 left menu, right click on Expert Advisors choose Refresh, you will see our NERA_SIGNAL_PROVIDER and NERA_SIGNAL_SUBSCRIBER

Check this video for both steps: – Setup Forex Signal Platform

* The Parameters on NERA_SIGNAL_PROVIDER is so easy just API KEY and Signal name you can follow this to sell your signal:

Nera Forex Signals Provider
Nera Forex Signals Provider

* The Parameters on NERA_SIGNAL_SUBSCRIBER provide many benefit params to copy trade. These are more detail:

Nera Forex Signals Subscriber
Nera Forex Signals Subscriber
  1. YOUR API KEY: Your API Key to verify your account
  2. SIGNAL NAME: The Signal name you bought
  3. Reversal Trade: When the Provider buy, your copy will sell and vice versa (So this way you have to close your positions by yourself)
  4. Slippage (Points): If this Slippage value > 0, The platform will not trade if the market has greater than this level (this is Max Slippage to trade)
  5. Duration (Seconds): If this field > 0, the platform will not trade any positions in the past if these positions are opened before this Duration value. Ex: Provider opened position at Jun 18 2020, 5:36; Duration (Seconds) = 60 (1 minute). Now it is Jun 18 2020, 5:39 later 3 minutes you activate NERA_SIGNAL_SUBCRIBER. The platform will not copy this position
  6. Scale Lots, ex: 100 mean 100%: The default value is 100 mean Provider trade 1, the platform copy 1. If set it 80 so the platform will copy 80%. Ex: Provider trades 1 lot size, the platform will trade 0.8 lot if you set 80% and so on
  7. Fixed Lots Size: If this > 0, the copy platform will trade with this fixed lot size independent with the Provider
  8. Minimal Lots Size: If item 6 or item 7 are going to trade with some lot size but less than this field, the copy platform will go in with this minimal lot size
  9. Maximal Lots Size: If item 6 or item 7 are going to trade with some lot size but greater than this field, the copy platform will go in with this maximal lot size
  10. Min Margin Exist, ex: lower 100% -> do not trade:
  11. Max order will be trade
  12. Add Prefix or Suffix Symbols, ex: “a;b” mean EURUSD converter to aEURUSDb: Each broker may be have different symbol even they are the same, for example: EURUSD but some other is cEURUSD. So this benefit field will add more Prefix or Suffix. Ex: Provider is EURUSD and your broker is cEURUSD, we will fill: c;
  13. Remove Prefix or Suffix Symbols, ex: “a;b” mean aEURUSDb converter to EURUSD: The same with item #12 but this is remove Prefix or Suffix. Ex: Provider is cEURUSD, your broker is EURUSD => fill: c;
  14. Special Symbols, ex: XAUUSD=GOLD;XAGUSD=SILVER. Some broker provide symbol not in item 12 or 13, such as: GOLD with XAUUSD. So if the Provider is XAUUSD, your broker is GOLD, please put: XAUUSD=GOLD

Follow this post to copy the best signals:

And this post to sell your signal:

Happy Trading!